Our Town

The Town of Fort Mill (established 1873) is located just south of the state line shared with North Carolina. Our closest neighbors are Rock Hill, SC, to the south and Charlotte, NC, to the north. Approximately 12,000 people live inside the Town's corporate limits with a total of nearly 50,000 people residing within the entire Township.

Fort Mill takes its name form a colonial-era fort built by the British and a grist mill on nearby Steele Creek. The area has a rich history. The Catawba Indians made their home here for many years. Scotch-Irish settlers began arriving in the 1750's and 1760's and a small settlement soon developed. Fort Mill grew rapidly in the late 1800's as textile mills were established. Highlights in Fort Mill's history include:
  • Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet passed through the area in their flight for Richmond in 1865. The last meeting of the full Confederate Cabinet was held at the White Homestead in Fort Mill.


  • Fort Mill was the home of Elliott White Springs, WW1 flying ace, author, industrialist and a member of the South Carolina Hall of Fame.


  • In the mid-1700's Thomas Spratt and his wife Elizabeth were traveling through upper South Carolina in their wagon. They spent a night among the friendly Catawba Indians and were invited to stay and live in the area on a large tract of land given to them. They became the first white settlers in the Fort Mill area and their descendants still live here. The same spirit of friendliness and hospitality still exists today. Fort Mill is a friendly and convenient place to visit and browse.

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